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Why Cyber Liability Insurance is Even More Important

Most associate a business that is under attack with physical theft of products or assets. However, cybercrime is an extremely real and costly occurrence that takes place in the U.S. far more than you might think. A breach in sensitive business data can result in such a severe loss, the company may...

Top Forms of Cyber Attacks

As the technology of the world continues to rapidly develop and change, businesses are at risk of cybercrime now more than ever. And while that word may sound futurist and unthreatening, there are real dangers associated with being the victim of cybercrime, both financially and professionally. If...

Working From Home and the Effects of the Coronavirus

With the Coronavirus wreaking havoc around the world, various measures are being enforced to try and reduce the spread of this deadly illness—one of which is an order to stay home, unless you need food or medical attention, or in the event of an emergency. But, while many companies are allowing...

How to Make Authentic Client Connections Virtually

Selling virtually is becoming increasingly popular in the insurance industry. But to build trust and close sales on video chat, you have to know what you’re doing. With the United States largely in a pandemic lockdown, face-to-face client meetings are now off the table and are likely going to...

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